Give our Dreams their Wings to Fly

Our garden is a refuge protected by the Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux, the French branch of BirdLife International.

We have never used any pesticides or chemical fertilisers. We encourage the growth of our plants, vegetables and fruit using horse and chicken manure.

Here you can enjoy the Mediterranean vegetation of a garden where more than forty bird species, including xxxx, have made their home, comfortably settled in the nest boxes installed for them in our trees.
To encourage the presence of those smaller creatures we never usually take the time to notice, we have installed an insect hotel! This allows the up-close observation of nature and sparks curiosity and wonder in children (and grown ups!).

Thanks to the town council’s decision to stop spreading pesticides on the road sides, many species have recently started to reappear… butterflies, such as the Citron de Provence and the Flambé are coming back in force.
In the garden we choose to plant species which provide food for bees and are resistant to the lack of water in the local climate.